Trishulii Producer Company Limited

ESTABLISHED IN JULY 2016, under the aegis of Himmotthan Society: An Associate Organization of Tata Trusts, 17 Self Reliant Cooperatives become the first shareholder institution of Trishulii Producer Company. Name Trishulii is derived from the famous Trishul Parvat of Uttarakhand and peak of parvat adopted as Logo of the company. The product portfolio consists of Uttarakhand based Cereal, Pulses, Millets and spices, Animal Feed, Wool products & Handicraft. 20 Women Co-operatives from different hilly districts of Uttarakhand came together to form a state level Producer Company, which was collectively named Trishulii. Trishulii’s mandate is to facilitate and carry out bulk processing, branding and marketing of produce from the member cooperatives. It is also sourcing and supplying critical inputs for agriculture, animal husbandry and other necessary livelihood activities, through the cooperatives to the villages, including raw material for cattle feed production to the cooperatives and is carrying out agro-produce marketing.