Mushroom Pickle-500gms

Homemade pickle (without preservatives) which no longer only beautify the taste but is likewise a particularly wealthy supply of protein in the weight loss plan. can be matched with chapati, roti, poori, rice, bread and even be eaten much like that.


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This jar of Mushroom Pickle is made from button mushrooms. It is a rich source of protein due to the presence of organically grown button mushrooms in the hills of Uttarakhand. The mushrooms come from the manufacturer's own farm, so you can expect freshness and attention to details in the making of this Pickle. This is a homemade pickle made with meticulous care and meant for all consumers, including diabetics and those with high blood pressure. The jar is packed with the "natural-ness" of village and contains no preservatives. Low in sodium and fat, and high in antioxidant property, Mushroom Pickle promises to add to the flavor of your food and give you high nutrition in each helping.

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