Native Organica Wood Pressed Apricot Oil

"Native Organica brings you a range of organic wood pressed oils produced In-House and On-Demand 7 days a week. Our Kachi Ghani is different from other brands as we use Wooden Pestle. Our Ghani does not pulverize Seeds/Kernels beyond recommended...

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Himalayan Apricot Oil

Himalayan Arogya Apricot Oil  has a delicious nutty aroma similar to marzipan. It is made in a traditional wooden cold press using wild harvested apricot kernels and has a rich golden colour. For people with nut allergies, apricot oil is a great a...

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Apricot Oil

One of the best Skin Care product. Despite being used for Hair, this oil derived from the Apricot kernels, can also be used for your skin care. The Apricot Oil is gentle and non-sticky rich in essential fatty acids that not only strengthen the hai...

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