Pearl Millet Noodles-175gms

Pearl Millet Noodles-175gms

The best alternative for regular Noodles. Millet Noodles are made out of 50% millet and 50% wheat. Wheat is being added to give the binding and texture for noodles. Less amount of gluten compared to the other Instant noodles available in the market. Vegan, Non-Fried (baked), and Kids safe noodles. No MSG added, Preservatives and Chemical-free. Enjoy a Healthy Meal and say bye to Adulterated Noodles.


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Cooking Method:- Chop your desired vegetables and saute them well. Add 600 ml of water to sauteed vegetables and on boiling, add tastemaker and noodles. Cook for few minutes on low flame in an open pan until the water dries. Stir the noodles occasionally,and here you go with a healthy bowl of Millet Noodles.

This product contains:

  • Kambu Noodles-175gm (1)