Rice Flour-500gms

Organic soul-certified organic rice flour is made by grinding premium basmati rice, grown processed, and packaged in our facility.


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  • Grown using sustainable and natural techniques like manual seeding, manual weeding, green composting, transplantation.
  • Milled from raw white rice, this rice flour is gluten-free and a good substitute for wheat flour.
  • Pesticide and disease control is done with natural and organic ingredients like cow urine, neem leaf nimboli, turmeric, asafetida, whey and aloe vera which is used in the form of sprays.
  • 100% Certified organic, FSSAI approved, Non-GMO, shelf life - 6 Months
  • Organic Soul purchases rice in its whole form and grinds it to make flour at their certified organic facility to ensure the highest purity and zero contamination.

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