Rabiah Coconut Products

Our organisation is established in 2013 with a motive of providing the best, healthy and safe products available in market and helping people by working as an Rabiah We are also educating people about the ways of simple and healthy living as every person now a days is suffering from some problem for example diabetes, thyroid, hair fall, joint pains, constipation etc. these problems are due to our modernization, wrong food selection and availability of cheap quality food products in the market. Due to these problems we started this organization to promote best quality health products and educate people regarding the simple ways of healthy living the products good for them. We are starting with coconut products as we know that coconut is very good for health according to many studies being conducted on its medicinal values. The products are: Organic palm sugar, Virgin coconut oil, Organic hair cream, Immunity capsules (virgin coconut oil capsules), Baby oil (99% virgin coconut oil and 1% apple oil), Massage oil, Mouth freshner organic .