Kanthari Honey-250gms

Kanthari Honey is a product made by seasoning Kanthari chili in honey in a special way for a specified number of days. Because of the unique process of honey. the attributes of kanthari chili are assimilated and leads to refinement of the blood .Kanthari Honey is well known for its capabilities in reducing bad cholesterol and fat content of the body. Hence Kanthari honey is said to be an excellent nutraceutical for those who are concerned about extra body weight and associated health problems.


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Kanthari Honey is an innovative product that you may not find at regular market shelves. The product features Kanthari chilies, which are also called Bird's Eye chilies. These are small, round chilies that are quite hot and add a punch to dishes like sauces, soups, dips, and pastas. They are widely used in Thai cuisines.


The chilies are soaked in raw fresh honey collected from the honeycombs at the manufacturer's own bee farm. The chilies are seasoned in a particular manner for a fixed number of days.

This product is great for use by people who wish to lose weight, reduce cholesterol and fat content, and fight problems related to obesity. Bird's Eye chili is used as a natural treatment for arthritis, toothache, flatulence, and rheumatism. Order your jar of Kanthari Honey today.

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