Who we are?

How it all started…

When novel Coronavirus struck the world, one of the worst hit sectors of the society were farmers. Krishi Jagran, which is dedicated to the welfare of the farmers, could hardly see the plight of farmers, who were forced to sell their produce at the lowest cost in local markets.

Krishi Jagran launched FTB (Farmer The Brand) on June 14, 2020, with an aim to help farmers brand themselves. Since then, FTB released numerous stories of successful farmers who did many big things but the world did not know about it. Thanks to FTB, the world now knows about them.

One of the farmers of Tamil Nadu contacted Krishi Jagran through social media and was live on Facebook through the FTB brand. This farmer, who sold honey locally, is now raking in lots of money after the Facebook live program. He even obtained a lucrative corporate order soon after.

This is how our FTB program brings a sweeping change in the lives of the farmers.

From FTB to FTB Organic…

With the astounding success of FTB, the team expanded its vision. One of our team members thought, “if farmers can come to our platform, why not their products?”

Well, as it is said – all you need is just one idea.

FTB Organic was born.

The main aim of FTB organic is to help farmers provide a platform to showcase their innovative products and get the deserved value of them.

We do not want the farmers to suffer. They are the ones who burn the midnight oil to give us food.

At the same time, we want the consumers to get the highest quality produce. That’s why the products here are handpicked by our experts and procured from farmers devoted to organic farming. So, you can expect only pure quality here.

Ultimately, we all need to be “atmanirbhar” whether it is the producer or the end user.