Aloe-Vera Honey Soap-100gms

Unpasteurized honey is naturally anti-fungal (one of the reasons it never goes bad), antiseptic and is super-hydrating because it's a humectant and will pull moisture out of the air and into your skin. Aloe vera is bursting with nutrients and soothing homes. Aloevera is wealthy in moisturizing residences and helps in eliminating dead cells. Honey moisturizes the pores and skin deeply and make your pores and skin tender and wholesome. Nilackal Bee Garden cleaning soap has pores and skin secure residences that no longer just enhance and keep your skin however additionally protects it towards microbial activities.


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Aloe Vera Honey Soap from Nilackal Bee Garden is a marvelous thing to have in your bath cabinet. Say goodbye to those highly fragrant and chemical laden soaps that dry your skin and trigger itchiness.

Aloe Vera Honey Soap contains fresh raw honey collected from the manufacturer's own bee farm. Raw honey never gets spoiled. Plus, it is antiseptic and a wonderful natural moisturizer for skin. Adding to the benefits is aloe vera, which is a medicinal plant and well-known for its skin benefits and soothing properties.

Keep your skin as natural and healthy as possible. For that, use natural-based products containing 100% raw and pure ingredients, such as Aleo Vera Honey Soap.

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