Lemon Ginger Cooler-500ml

Get yourself a tall chilled glass of the customary Indian cooler, Lemon Ginger Cooler. Welcome on the help from warm and restore your body with the nutrients and minerals contained in Fresh Ginger and Lemons pressed by FTB Organic into one more jug of 100% normal item!


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Fiery and ranch new pahadi lemons are tangled with ginger to make this scrumptious and punchy custom made concentrate. This cooler is made with no additives or added substances.

  • Ingredients: Normally developed Ginger and Lemon juice and Organic Sugar
  • Mix with 3 to 4 sections chilled water to taste
  • Vegetarian | Suitable for Vegan
  • Contains Naturally Grown Ginger and Lemon Juice, Organic Sugar
  • Shelf Life. Store as long as a year unopened
  • Refrigerate in the wake of opening and burn-through inside 6 to about two months. Avoid direct daylight and dampness

This product contains:

  • Bottle of Lemon Ginger Cooler(500ml) (1)