Wayanadan Forest Honey -500gms

Wayanadan Forest Honey -500gms

Wayanadan forest honey is one of the best organic and natural honey available in wayanadan forest. It is collectedform the wild beehives deep within the forest in the wayanadan landscapes. This comes from the nectar of medicinal wild flowers and it is 100% pure and natural. This honey is one of the best immunity booster.


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Wayanadan Forest Honey is a rare honey made by bees straight from the forest of Wayanadan. The honey is collected from wild beehives located deep in the forest. The specialty of this honey is that bees suck nectar from flowers of wild medicinal plants. This honey is 100% pure and a great immunity booster.

This rare organic honey from the forest is rich in proteins and an excellent addition to a balanced diet. Grab the jar without delay.


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